Christmas Deadline!

Hello everyone!

Just a quick reminder for those of you that are still considering making a batch of wine for the holidays.

It is now crunch time! Please drop by, email, or phone in with your orders so we can get things started ASAP.

The season is fast approaching and Christmas week is already starting to fill up with bottlers.

It would be great fully ensure we can accommodate everyone before the holidays but we are sometimes at the mercy of stock issues with our suppliers (especially during busy seasons like this one) and of course, timelines for fermentation on wines (5-8 weeks depending on the wine you choose).

So again, please do not hesitate if you’re thinking of a wine for Christmas. Please contact us immediately.

Thank you for reading!

PS  – A few quick notes…

– Stay tuned for the upcoming official release for next years’ Limited Edition program (will be sent out shortly). However, for those that would like the physical brochures and info sheets, they’re currently available in store. Drop by and take what you need (we are happy to answer any questions you may have about the program).

– Some 2017 calendars are still up front in store. So to those of you that said you missed out last year (and wanted this reminder), swing by and grab one or two… Or three!

– The official Christmas closure schedule will be sent out next month.