Before we get started on these fantastic limited releases available RIGHT NOW, we must take a moment to stress that these products are all VERY limited. These are not pre-orders. Meaning everything listed below is available right now, and is simply first come, first serve. Now… On to the wines!


It’s here! The highly anticipated follow-up to the ever popular FORZA. And just to add fuel to the fire… it’s a Super Tuscan! Those of you familiar with previous Super-T limited releases will be pleased to know that this is once again, an ultra-premium wine made with grape skins. CLICK HERE to read a little more about this wine!

This wine is a limited release however, so we would encourage starting this one ASAP!

Those of you only interested in trying half a batch (15 bottles), let us know and we will match you up with someone to share with!

BRAVADO: 30 bottles / 8-weeks / $210 (taxes included)

NOTE: Please let us know as soon as possible to reserve your wine. We do not know how long supplies will last.



Introducing two brand new Ports for this years’ holiday season!

PEPPERMINT MOCHA – Dark chocolate and cool peppermint blend perfectly with rich coffee notes.

RED VELVET – Rich, smooth notes dark berries, moist vanilla cake and decadent cocoa. 

CLICK HERE for a little more info.

Both of these are extremely limited (we only have 10 of each available right now). So please, let us know ASAP if you’re interested. These are first come, first serve!

PORT: 30 – 375ml bottles / 7-8-weeks /  $148 (taxes included)


 A brand new mist release featuring a fusion of chocolate and cherry. This one unlike any previous mist release.

Staying true to it’s series style, this wine comes in at around 7% alcohol and features flavors of juicy black cherry, rich dark chocolate and a hint of vanilla.

Available by reservation right now for a limited time only!

CHOC. CHERRY PINOT NOIR: 30 bottles / 5-weeks / $130 (taxes included)


Introducing ‘The Candidate’!

With the presidential race in the US heating up, we are pleased to announce two exciting election-inspired additions to the World Vineyard 5-week lineup. Available while supplies last.

THE RED – Blend of Cabernet Sauvignon & Sangiovese.

THE WHITE – Blend of Pinot Grigio, Viognier & Riesling.

CLICK HERE to vote for a winner… Both are available as limited releases in store right now, but one of these could stick around with your help!

THE CANDIDATE: 30 bottles / 5-6-weeks / $145 (taxes included)


 Two brand new additions to the Island Mist lineup are available for reservation right now! Very limited quantities available.

CRANAPPLE PINOT GRIGIO – Classic crisp Pinot Grigio combined with fresh green apple and beautiful white cranberries.

SPICED MERLOT – A Merlot with aromas of spiced orange and brown sugar layered with flavors of cinnamon and ginger for a kick!

CLICK HERE for a feature sheet on these new releases.

ISLAND MIST: 30 bottles / 5-weeks / $130 (taxes included)


 Only a couple of these guys left!

Those of you familiar with Barefoot Pink Moscato will know what this wine is all about.

Vibrant red fruit flavors of strawberry, raspberry, pomegranate meshed together with classic Moscato for a fantastic refreshing wine. 

PINK MOSCATO: 30 bottles / 5-weeks / $140 (taxes included)


Thank you for reading!