Hello everyone,

Hope you have all been enjoying summer!

We are very pleased to announce some excitement in-store for September!

A great time to start your Christmas wine before the holiday rush!

Starting August 29th (Monday), ALL Selection wines will be on sale.

CLICK HERE to see the full list of Selection wines.

Eclipse & Cellar Craft Showcase may also be included with this promotion.

Promotion ends Friday September 30th.

Feel free to drop in, call in, or send an email. We will get you started!

but it doesn’t stop there…

 Anyone that purchases a Selection kit during the promotion will be entered into a draw where the following prizes are available starting in October:

TOP PRIZE: Prize pack that includes a FREE kit of your choice, PLUS $20 OFF towards ANY upcoming LE16 or Passport release.

MULTIPLE PRIZE WINNERS: We will be handing out several $20 OFF prizes towards the LE16 and Passport releases! As well as a bunch of aerators, chillers, and wine crates.

A great month to not only save a few $ but have a shot at some free stuff!


 Stay tuned for another email to follow with a bunch of new products for the holiday season!


Thank you for reading!