The House Special

Buy 5 kits and get the 6th FREE!

Our most popular special…

– A great opportunity to mix and match different wines and build a fantastic inventory for your cellar (at a cost far below retail).

– The best way to bulk age… The more you make, the easier it becomes to consistently enjoy more mature wines.

– Without question, the most cost effective way to buy wine.

– Excellent for businesses and gift ideas: bottle wine for client/customer giveaways and “thank you’s”, or come in with some co-workers for some “out of the office” fun… and a glass of wine of course!

– Book 1 or 2 stations for bottling and enjoy a fun get-together with co-workers, friends and family.

Payment must be collected in full prior to starting production on the wines. However, you do not need to start all 6 wines at the same time. You may split up your bottling times according to your personal schedule, home storage capacity, etc. (Example: start 3 wines today, start the next 3 two months from now).

Please let us know in advance if you wish to stagger your wine making and/or bottling as described above.

Note: You may mix & match value, premium and ultra-premium wines (5, 7 & 8-week wines). This deal is valid all year.